For Tech

The less time you spend screening and doing code reviews for applicants, the more time you can spend actually building your product.

Hiring should give you more time, not less.

Skilled developers should be focused on building the product as much as possible. While developer participation in the hiring process is critical, it can also be a big distraction from product development if candidates are not filtered very well. Let technology do the pre-screening for you and stop depending on recruiters and buzzwords.

With only those candidates who have proven basic competency in the roster, you can take interviews to the next level, faster. Run higher skill level challenges and evaluate coding styles to choose candidates that really fit with your organization’s needs. Hire confidently, and spend more of your time on the work you do best.

How it works

  1. Candidates submit their applications via API. The candidate’s details and resume go directly to your inbox.
  2. Successful submissions demonstrate competency for interacting with APIs, acting as an effective technical pre-screen.
  3. You spend time choosing candidates who have the skills you actually need - not weeding out the ones with a lack of basic technical competency.
  4. Sustainably scale your tech hiring as much as your organization needs, without increasing pre-screening effort.